by Sydney Carper


Oakdale High School’s drama department is performing Cinderella on March 30th and 31st at 7:00 pm and April 1st at 2:00 and 7:00 pm in the school’s auditorium. They’ve been rehearsing since January 24th to make this performance phenomenal.

The decision to perform Cinderella came from the desire to do something completely different after the success of Fiddler on the Roof last year. Director Michael Copen wanted to put on a family show that children could enjoy as well.

Copen explained that the cast is capable of playing these characters, which influenced his decision too. Copen said the production is much bigger this year, with many large sets and classic broadway songs throughout; and he stated the play has to be magical and people should leave the theatre “believing impossible things”.

Copen describes the rehearsal process as intense, but he’s not worried about being able to pull off the show. Instead he’s concerned with costuming and technical aspects. Copen admitted he didn’t want to give away any spoilers, but revealed the stories in the play and Disney version of Cinderella are the same but with different songs.

Copen believes that all shows are different in their own unique way, but Cinderella has more surprises. He concluded that he’s absolutely optimistic about where the production is headed.

Student Director, senior Sara Reagan thinks the most rewarding part of her role is helping in any way she can, and being “Copen’s second brain”. She assists with blocking and acts as the “cast mom”. She wishes there was more time to rehearse, but the cast believes they’re making the most of what they have.

Reagan expressed that she’s excited to watch everyone “adopt the responsibility of creating their character.” She warns the audience to not expect the Disney version of Cinderella, and to keep in mind that everyone’s trying their hardest.

Senior Christina Holt, who plays the character Ella, described the cast as one big family. Holt then explained they have been together since freshman year, so it’s fun to see each other grow.

Senior Spencer Simpson, who plays the role of Topher, thinks “Everyone has their own individual personality that shines through.”

Oakdale High’s Drama Department has a history of outstanding performances each year, and there’s no reason to believe that this year’s production will be any different. The cast and crew seem confident in their abilities and, more importantly, each other. It’s clear the appropriate amount of hard work and dedication is being put in to make the show successful.