Class Competitions


Jordan Ondo

Each year at Oakdale, students compete in a challenge to see which grade is best. This exciting and lighthearted competition takes place during the week of homecoming.


Grade levels compete against each other through various challenges and activities. These competitions happen throughout the week in order to get students into the spirit and to earn points for their grade level. Teachers put together competitions that include a canned food drive, spirit days, and activities during the pep rally.


The canned food drive is run by Ms. Erin Porter, English teacher, and allows kids to earn a ton of points for their grade. Boxes are set up in the main hallway sectioned off by grade level for students to put canned food in as they walk to class. Each food item adds on points to each grade levels score. This year the Sophomores won this section of the competition.


Many students participate in spirit week, which is a chance for students to celebrate their school pride by dressing up to earn points for their grade level. This competition is run by Mrs. Elizabeth Mulcahy and Mrs. Jessica Miller, the SGA advisors. These spirit days consist of America Monday, Tourist Tuesday, Wayback Wednesday, Country vs Country Club Thursday, and Class Color Friday. As students walk into their set classes, teachers mark off points for each grade participating. As expected, the Seniors won this part of the competition.


Junior Andrea Aude explained, “Many people participate in spirit week because it’s fun and it’s tradition.” Spirit week is overall the most popular custom at Oakdale because it allows students to dress unusual throughout the week, express their personalities, and connect with their peers.


Activities that contributed to the class competitions during the pep rally were: pyramid, tug-a-war, crab walk, freeze dance, and a scream challenge. Seniors won the pyramid, crab walk, and scream contest; Freshmen won the tug-a-war contest; and Juniors won the freeze dance.


Every year there are Senior students announcing the winners. Suspiciously, Seniors tend to win most of the competitions every year. Junior Kyle Libonate stated, “The reason the Seniors always win is because the activities are rigged.”


Lastly, competitions like these allow students to cooperate with each other and have fun. Next year the competitions should be just as competitive and entertaining to watch so stay tuned.