Cotton Masks For Healthcare Workers


100 more mask covers are ready to be donated to local healthcare hospitals. 

Ella Ward

Project Linus is a non-profit organization that sews blankets for children in need. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the shortage of personal protective equipment, these local sewing groups in Frederick County started donating homemade cotton masks to healthcare workers at Frederick Health Hospital, Primary Care Associates of Frederick, and other first responders. 


Across the world, over a million cases and 80,000 deaths have been reported due to the coronavirus. These numbers are growing rapidly each day. The World Health Organization (WHO) claimed that the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) is an urgent threat. In order to aid this, they put out a demand for a larger supply of PPE. 


Frederick healthcare workers are now wearing cotton masks over N95 masks for preservation. The homemade masks are made from two pieces of 100% cotton, with ear loops made from elastic and others made with ties. 


Project Linus has received feedback from a nurse, one of their recipients, “I don’t feel like I’m so alone when I come to work. These masks are like a small hug from a perfect stranger. They are appreciated more than you will ever know,” she disclosed.


Dina Caple is one of the many people sewing and donating her masks to vulnerable groups around the community. Caple explains, “I wanted to do something to help; being in the healthcare profession, I knew how we were struggling to get masks before it got really bad in the US. I found a Youtube video [sic] with how to make them.” She says that “the next batch are going to Meritus Hospital in Hagerstown and FMH.” 


Sheila Woofter sews for Days for Girls, another Frederick team. They have been sewing and supplying sanitary products for girls in third world countries for four years now. As a result, they have been collecting cotton fabric and have it readily available.


Woofter explains that “As soon as we heard there was a shortage of face masks for medical workers in our area, we knew we were the perfect group to start helping out.” Woofter and the many other people involved in Days for Girls have “sewn and distributed close to 500 masks to local health care facilities that have requested them.” 


In uncertain times such as these, it is heartwarming to know that the community is working non-stop to make mask donations a priority. If you or someone you know loves to sew, feel free to help by checking out the Project Linus-Frederick Co Maryland Facebook page. 




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100 more mask covers are ready to be donated to local healthcare hospitals.