Delaplaine Art Center: The Plane to Success


By McKenna Whelan

Oakdale’s beloved photography teacher, Patricia Stockman, communicates, “The Delaplaine Art Center is an excellent addition to Frederick, it’s free, open to the public, and a valuable source.”

 The Delaplaine Art Center is located in Downtown Frederick, nourishing the community with various art resources. Photographers, painters, illustrators, and sculptors can showcase their work in a jury.  The building has classes and workshops for all ages to engage in; these classes help others improve their skills and learn more about the art world. They even have summer camps for youth, which can really help a child explore their creativity.

Every March, Delaplaine runs Youth Art Month, where students can submit their work to possibly win a Bettie Award. Ten students can enter into the new round and can become a finalist. Each finalist will receive an award of a $100, but the winner receives a $1000! This year, there are three very talented Oakdale finalists: Junior Sasha Pabis, Junior Eli Walker, and Senior Qianze Zhang.

Pabis voices, “I just knew the Delaplaine was an art center in Downtown, so I submitted my work, and now it’s crazy to think that I am finalist.” She also goes on to express, “Delaplaine offers great opportunities for artists as young as elementary students.”

This year, The Bettie Award winner was announced at the Delaplaine Art Carnival on March 19th, which was Megan Warner from Linganore High School.

Mrs. Stockman exclaims, “I can’t say enough about how much I value the Delaplaine Art Center; it’s involved with the school system, well-run, and an excellent source to anyone who is interested in art.”

    The Delaplaine Art Center is a marvelous outlet and platform for students to either express themselves or to get seen. The Delaplaine includes everyone: artists, people who want to learn, or just people who want to admire other people’s work.The art center is free and always open to the public!


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