Don’t Delay Join the PTSA

Dont Delay Join the PTSA

by Layla Basile

Have you ever wondered who was responsible for planning and providing events such as the Holiday Bizarre; funding teacher appreciation luncheons, back to school and end of the year faculty luncheons; awarding a scholarship to a senior, fundraised through popular restaurants, and raffled off a Chromebook to a student? Well, the honorable PTSA is credited for these actions.

Our school is a welcoming and safe environment that is filled with a kind group of high-achieving individuals. The community feel to our school is partially due to the above events that bring together students from varying interests. With this in mind, no organization supports our school in its entirety other than the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). Yet, the PTSA is overlooked by much of the Oakdale population. As a result of this behavior, the PTSA is in crucial need of students, parents, and staff to get more involved in this exceptional organization.

  Concerning the PTSA, the Executive Board is in need of a President (who would conduct all meetings; communicate between the OHS and county PTSA along with outside groups; provide guidance for the PTSA, and have bank signature authority), Vice President (who would take leadership of certain PTSA projects), and Secretary (who would take minutes – notes regarding what was communicated between all who attended – at every meeting, and upload approved minutes to the PTSA website). Also, the PTSA will need Committee Chair leaders for Membership, Fundraising, Communications, Hospitality, and Scholarship. Sadly, since the Treasurer is the only board leader maintaining their position for next year, increased involvement in the PTSA is pivotal to the fate of this organization.

Continually, obtaining a position in the PTSA is not only a phenomenal opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge about our school and gain insight into how to become better creative thinkers and problem solvers, but also it also gives parents the advantage to get more involved in their child’s well being at school as well. However, students seem to be blindsided when asked about the PTSA, for they are unaware of the significance of what this organization can do not only for them, but for the school population in total. Opening one’s eyes to everything that occurs among their surroundings can solve this relevant issue.

Hopefully – with greater support permitting – the PTSA could expand its amount of helpful tactics for our school. Senior Lily Widdup (PTSA Secretary and Co-Committe Chairperson of Membership) mentioned the idea that the PTSA could award a more substantial scholarship to a senior PTSA member and incorporate a minithon into our fundraising plans. A minithon would consist of any movement – standing , dancing, etc, – for six continuous hours. All proceeds would be split between funding the PTSA and donating to a charity determined prior to this event.

Certainly, the opinions expressed by PTSA Board/ Committee members sheds light to those who may question their involvement in the PTSA.

Widdup believes that being affiliated with the PTSA “[has] increased my interest in helping others, and helped me connect more with staff members,” when referring to her assistance with staff luncheons. Also, Widdup voiced that “[It is] nice to honor students’ achievements,” when discussing the Academic Awards Ceremony that the PTSA co-sponsored.    

Senior Gabriella Basile (PTSA Vice President and Co-Chairperson of fundraising) expressed, “We need a PTSA for our school to grow and thrive.”   

Many of these dedicated members of the PTSA agree that being a committee chairperson has given them the opportunity to attain more responsibility, and has comforted them with the knowledge and understanding that their own actions can greatly affect others in a positive way.

Consequently, there is not a more fulfilling deed than helping others that can directly affects one’s own life. Also, the memories we create in high school are ones that will last a lifetime. So, let your voice be heard by becoming a more active member in the PTSA to help keep this school a place that everyone admires and will cherish for the rest of their lives.