Don’t Snub the Anime/Manga Club!


By Brian Herman


Last fall, Oakdale High School started an anime and manga club for the first time. The club is run in the Library, by Librarian Mrs. Renate Owen and Student Advisor Brian Herman. The club speaks about many aspects of the art form, from the tropes and characters, to genres to specific anime. Over thirty members gather every two weeks to discuss their hobby in many ways, and complete activities related to anime and manga (anime in graphic novel form)

“Brian asked about starting a club, and I helped him create a slide for Freshman orientation. Many freshman were interested, and we tapped into that interest to create the club.” stated librarian, Renate Owen.

With the club having gone for over a semester, it has had some time to develop and grow. Mrs. Owen also commented about the it’s current state. “People keep coming and are enjoying it. They seem interested.”

Mrs. Owen stated that the club keeps things fresh, and having a student lead the discussion makes it more engaging. The goal seems to be keeping a similar topic interesting, and doing similar things in a new way.

A person does not need much knowledge of anime to join, just a basic interest in dissecting the elements of the medium. Veterans and newcomers are welcome to learn new things and reminisce on old things.

Freshman David Ark is a frequent and avid member, who enjoys the topic and has several friends who do as well. As a major Anime fan who was also a part of an Anime club in middle school, he was asked about the condition of it in High school, “I love it. It reminds me of the one in middle school. I have learned more about how fun anime is, and it has inspired me to draw more in anime style. I got exactly what I expected.”