Eastern Kentucky Linebacker Body Slams Cop

Defensive player for Eastern Kentucky slams a cop to the ground on February 11th in Grove City, Ohio. 


Defensive player for Eastern Kentucky slams a cop to the ground on February 11th in Grove City, Ohio. 

Jordan Ondo, Writer

Michael Harris, a defensive player for Eastern Kentucky University, was arrested after body slamming a police officer on Tuesday, February 11th in Grove City, Ohio. 


Police were originally called to the scene by an employee at a local business complaining that Harris was in their store and wouldn’t leave. He explained that Harris seemed agitated and not right.


Police footage was released and shows a heated exchange between the officers who arrived at the scene and Harris. The video shows Harris refusing to obey orders and disregarding officers. When one of the officers tried to approach him, he swatted the officers hand away and tried to return to his car, which resulted in Harris being placed under arrest. Pepper spray was then used on Harris, but didn’t hit him because he covered his face with his sweatshirt. Officers then tried preventing Harris from getting back in his car, which resulted in Harris picking an officer up and throwing him to the ground. Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the incident. 


Harris was charged and arrested with obstructing official business, assault, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. The police report showed they found pills and a digital scale, “consistent with drug use” in his car. 


Eastern Kentucky University is monitoring the incident and discussing his punishment. After the incident, the University announced a statement explaining how they will take action. “He has been suspended from all team and football-related activities at this time. Understanding that details of the incident are still under investigation and abiding by FERPA laws and regulations, we must respect the privacy of our students. When the facts are established, and the investigation is complete, Eastern Kentucky University and EKU Athletics will decide how to move forward responsibly.”


Once footage of the incident was released, fans had an immediate reaction and were angered by Harris’s actions. Senior Olivia Vilcek explained “the actions of the football player were downright disrespectful.” She also had an opinion about how, “Young children around the world look up to these athletes and mirror their behavior. That is not how role models behave, and he should be punished greatly for it.” 


Senior Patrick Howk had a strong opinion on the defensive players actions as he explained his them as an “idiotic move for a football player probably on scholarship.”


After  Harris slammed a cop to the ground, fans have surely changed their opinions of him. Not only has he been arrested, but he has made his future football career questionable.