Frederick Fair Safety: Food and Rides


by Gabby Redpath

Fair Food Is Clean!

Tales have circulated about the lack of sanitation at fairs around the country for years, but the Great Frederick Fair is proving the rumors to be just that – rumors. A vendor can’t simply set up a stand and begin selling food – there’s a process they must go through to make sure their product is safe for their consumers.

Before the opening day of the fair, vendors must acquire a health permit and pass a thorough health inspection run by the state. Scott Burall, of New Market Grange, informed a group of Media Core representatives of the safety precautions taken once the stands have opened. A handwashing station must be located in a convenient area within every food stand. There’s a definite guarantee that a worker will wash their hands between the moment when they touch your money and when they touch your food.

If you’re looking for sanitary and healthy fair food, you should visit New Market Grange #362. This non-profit stand serves a variety of homemade snacks and meals for an affordable price. All natural family recipes, free of any peanut oil, are served to fair workers, visitors, and volunteers by a caring group of friendly faces.

Since 1862, The Great Frederick Fair has been a cornerstone of culture for Frederick, Maryland. Swarms of people, ranging from students to seniors, flock to the massive fairground on the edge of Downtown Frederick to check out the wide variety of foods, animals, and rides. Two food favorites: the classic food stand, Hemp’s, and the new favorite in Market Street, Frederick Fusion Mobile, are on opposite ends of the spectrum of age.

by Alye Kesselman

The Rides are Inspected!

Fair rides also have the stigma of being unsafe as they are transported from fair to fair all year long. Although the rides are mobile, they are safe. Rides must pass a thorough inspection by the state before allowing fair aficionados to enjoy the exciting rides.“ All the rides are safe and passed inspections,” said John Bare, a Great Frederick Fair board member.