Getting to Know our Administrators- Ms. Gwendolyn Dorsey


by Gabby Redpath

This year, two new administrators have joined Oakdale High School’s staff, including Ms. Gwendolyn Dorsey. A Maryland native, Ms. Dorsey is familiar with the area and is excited to be here at Oakdale.

Ms. Dorsey attended college at the University of Maryland College Park, where she earned both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. She is a fan of the school and praised their programs.

After college, Ms. Dorsey entered the education field working in several positions. She has been employed in different areas, including as a Business Education teacher, department chair, and the student achievement coordinator at Frederick High School.

Ms. Dorsey entered the administration field of work in 1999. Since that time she has been an assistant principal and a principal and has worked in both the middle and high school levels. Ms. Dorsey decided to work as an assistant principal at Oakdale because she enjoys working with students.

Ms. Dorsey also decided that, because she is working on her doctorate degree at George Washington University, she wouldn’t be able to dedicate all of her time and effort into being a principal. She has done a wonderful job so far at Oakdale and has become a wonderful addition to our administrative team.

As students we tend to forget our staff have lives outside of school, although they do. Ms. Dorsey has two children – a twenty-four year-old son and a thirty year-old daughter. Currently, her daughter is planning a summer trip abroad to celebrate Ms. Dorsey’s upcoming graduation from George Washington University. Ms. Dorsey and her two children will be visiting London, Spain, Paris, and Rome over the span of fourteen days.

Ms. Dorsey is a kind and professional woman. She will most definitely be appreciated here at Oakdale High School.