Girls Run The Schools?


By: Sage Wann

The controversy of female students doing better than male students has come into question here at Oakdale. Several studies speculate that high school is more designed for females than it is males, as many male students tend to goof off more, not pay attention, and get lower or average test scores compared to females.

Speaking to multiple  teachers at this school sadly showed that the stereotype is valid, but not completely accurate. The studies showed that High School and all schools in general are built mainly for females, but many believe that up until the High School point male students tend to keep themselves more together and mature.

High School is a time when many people think they have to show off, be more out there and different, and that’s where the stereotype comes in. Female students statistically tend more to sit still and stay quieter. Many male students make it a game to see who can show off the most and it can put pressure on students to fit in more.

“I don’t think it’s as easy as what they can improve when they’re doing something as their socialization. The generalization of fitting in … leads to their behaviors,” said teacher Judy Mcgraw

Not every male student fits into this category either. There are many students who pay attention, keep their grades above average, and above female students proving the stereotype wrong. However, even some of the other males student think their own gender is the main goof off group.

“It’s true. Guys don’t naturally still for long periods of time before they’re 20. Girls are more likely to be more organized. Guys are more hands on than they are creative and out there,” said freshman Michael Petty

So is school really made more for girls than it is boys? Even though there are many male students that tend to drift off more than females, the majority still can keep up with their grades and make sure their testing scores are good. High School wasn’t just built for the ladies.