James Holmes Back On Trial After Three Year Delay


By Riley Gill

Almost three years after James Holmes was arrested for killing 12 and injuring 70 in a Denver movie theater, he is back on trial.. While already convicted, the defense is now claiming that Holmes is clinically insane in an attempt to save him from the death penalty. Part of the reason for the three year delay was due to the extensive psychological tests that he underwent. Prosecutors stated earlier this week that Holmes was considered sane in two of the evaluations.

The trial began on monday, April 27th. However, the trial is expected to last for weeks, even months. Even after the trial, if Holmes is found sane there’s expected to be numerous appeals for decades following the conviction. If Holmes is found insane, he will be put in a mental facility and evaluated for mental health periodically. If he’s ever deemed sane while in the mental facility, he will be put back on trial and charged as a mentally healthy person.


James Holmes