Jets In Trouble


Henry Ruggs catches the game-winning pass against the Jets.

Ryan Davis

The New York Jets are a National Football League team who are in the American Football Conference East division, and are struggling to see a victory. The Jets knew going into the season it wouldn’t be pretty based on not having a great amount of talent, compared to the other teams in the league.


The Jets got off to a rough start going 0-3 while getting dominated on the field. Heading into week four, the Jets have a chance at a bounce back week against an average Broncos team. During the battle with the Broncos the Jets put up a tough fight, but still did not win; losing by nine points.


With the Jets 0-11 heading into week 13, they are up against the Las Vegas Raiders who have been through their ups and downs during the season. They were just blown out the previous week to an Atlanta Falcons who have been underperforming. 


With the game winding down to the final minute the Jets seemed in charge of the game. With less than a minute to go the Raiders had the ball. Gregg Williams, the Jets defensive coordinator decided to blitz with eight players and gave up a deep pass into the endzone with an outcome of Las Vegas scoring a touchdown.


The blitz  play has been talked about by many sports commentators and fans as one of the worst calls. Rex Ryan, an ex Jets coach said “Dumbest calls i’ve ever seen.” This call has led the Jets towards firing Williams.

Coach Williams has had struggles all year and this mistake was the worst of them. In fact Williams was the defensive coordinator for the 2017 Browns team who went 0-16 that season. So lucky he won’t go 0-16 again.


However;the Jets still have games remaining in the season. They had a terrible loss when rivaled against the Seattle Seahawks; losing by over 40 points.The Jets still have not picked a defensive coordinator, with time running out the Jets need to get their heads in the game if they want to see a victory.