Mock Trial Finishes Regular Season With Winning Record



by Erin Hoyle

Although many students at Oakdale are oblivious as to what mock trial is, the organization is very important to our school. Mock trial is a simulation of how a trial works in real life using attorneys, witnesses, and teams from across the county that compete against each other in imitation court cases.

This experience is not only enjoyable but teaches the participants many beneficial life talents. Oakdale’s current mock trial team, coached by Social Studies Department Chair Colleen Bernard, finished their regular season with three wins and one loss against Urbana.

On March 11, the team competed in the county championship and was able to defend their title as county champions when they beat Urbana.

When asked what personal effect mock trial had on him, Sophomore Carter Gipson responded that the experience improved his skills of “public speaking, arguing, thinking creatively, and reading critically.”

Carter, who is currently participating in his second year of mock trial, described the experience as fun but implied that it was also hard work. The trial presents many difficult situations; such as cross examining by the other team, that require participants to be prepared and ready for anything.

Joining mock trial in the winter would be a good time investment for those who are interested in learning about law and how a court room works. According to Ms. Bernard, this years team has put in a lot of time and effort in order to achieve their goals. Although partaking in mock trial requires hard work and time, the results can be very beneficial in improving certain talents and abilities.


On March 17, Oakdale’s Mock Trial team won the Circuit Court championship. The team will now advance on to the state level.