Taleen Harrington and Ellie Smith

Ms. Stieg’s Introduction to Business classes are running their semi-annual non-profit fundraiser beginning next Monday at all lunch shifts. Each team is raising money for different charitable organizations whose chapters serve citizens in Frederick County and the State of Maryland. Please watch the following advertisements for more information on each cause.

Attention all Polar Plungers:  We will be meeting on Thursday December 13th during SET.  Now is the perfect time to raise money. Did you know that Oakdale Middle School has already raised over $4,000!  Start fundraising today! Each student has to raise a minimum of $75 but let’s raise more!

Attention all students: On Friday December 21st the Polar Plunge team will be holding their 4th annual Volleyball Tournament.  Students can donate five dollars to get out of their 5th block class. Donations will be taken at all lunch shifts starting next Monday.  

Attention all swim teams, basketball teams, track teams, wrestling team, cheerleaders and bocce team: make sure to gather your team for the Volleyball Tournament.  See Mrs. Harrison or Mrs. O with a list of team members and their donations. All teams must be submitted by Wednesday December 19th.

Oakdale Counselors are sponsoring lunch groups on various topics throughout the school year. A pizza lunch will be provided to the first 20 students that sign up (20 students per lunch shift and they must sign up for their shift).

The next lunch group will take place on Tuesday, December 18 in B200. The topic is “Substance Abuse Education and Resources” and guest speakers from the Frederick County Health Department will be speaking with students.

Students must sign up on the following Google Docs:

First Lunch Shift: https://goo.gl/forms/OoUnaIBcUNdE6tj53

Second Lunch Shift: https://goo.gl/forms/Qzt3FLBpsCmBWkff2

Third Lunch Shift: https://goo.gl/forms/k0LMAjHc11qm0sHa2