May 1

The week of 4/19 – 4/25 marks national library week where we take the time to thank and appreciate our library specialists who allow libraries to operate as smoothly and efficiently as they do. National Library week was first created and celebrated in 1958 and has since been sponsored by the American Library Association in April across the country. Research in the 1950s shows the first account of decreasing money spent by the public on books which concerned the association alongside the American Book Publishers who together created a non profit organization known as the National Book Committee in 1954. Together they create National Library Week in hopes to motivate people to pick up more books and read in order to support libraries. After the first celebration, later in 1959 the ALA voted and decided to continue the annual celebration. 


The theme for this year’s celebration includes “Find your place at the library” and was chosen months ahead of time. Still people were able to find their place at the library by visiting their online websites. Under the current circumstances libraries have provided virtual services and new digital content to their communities. Accessing ebooks, movies, music, video games, virtual stories, and activities were made easier than ever. More specifically, this year different days held different activities that helped gather the appreciation of library specialists. Monday,  State of America’s Libraries Report released a list to the public including the Top Ten Frequently Challenged books of 2019, on Tuesday we specifically focused on the workers by celebrating National Library Workers Day, where the staff, users, administration, and groups recognized the contributions made from workers in the libraries. Wednesday was marked as National Bookmobile Day, and was a way to realize much how bookmobiles contribute to our community and Thursday was Take Action for Libraries Day, and was used to gather advocates to support local libraries. 


In the Oakdale community we take this time to appreciate our library specialist Mrs. Owen and Mrs. Murdoch who have both had a strong influence at Oakdale and have worked continuously on lesson plans and keeping our library up to date. 

Arbor Day

National Bike Month – May

National Principal’s Day – May 1