Mother’s Day Sale


Sydney Carper, Writer

by: Sydney Carper


Mother’s Day is soon approaching on May 14th, 2017. To celebrate, Oakdale’s Horticulture students are selling annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, and hanging baskets as Mother’s Day presents on Saturday May 6th from 9-3 at the school.

Horticulture teacher, Mrs. Sarah Welty, explained that students begin growing the plants in January to prepare for the sale by late April/early May.

She also revealed that the purpose of this sale is “to learn how to grow in the greenhouses” and all the proceeds go towards paying for materials used in class.

Welty shared that, “The items up for sale are different every year, and it isn’t possible to predict what will sell well. You think one will sell well because it did last year and it doesn’t!”. She added that hanging baskets are an exception to this rule.

Sophomore Zoë Pierce stated she enjoys “the feeling of what [horticulture students] worked so hard to achieve has finally been accomplished”.

When asked her favorite item, she pointed out a lone spearmint plant that survived. She loves this plant because “despite thinking every spearmint was dead this one ended up surviving, now it’s striving”.

In order to encourage others to buy plants, Pierce would “ask them what they like about plants, then try to relate and find a plant for them”.   

She personally loves to give her own mom flowers because, “It helps her know that I will love and care for her no matter what”.

If you are struggling to find something to give to your Mother this year, look no further than the Horticulture class plant sale! A wide variety of selections can guarantee you’ll find something she’ll love. Plants are a sweet and simple way to show your gratitude for all your Mom does, so come purchase one this weekend and bring your friends!