Neal Shusterman’s Visit to Oakdale


Antonio Garcia

The cover to Neal Shusterman’s newest release The Toll finishing his book series of Scythe.

Antonio Garcia

American writer Neal Shusterman is coming to Oakdale High School as one of his many stops in his traveling book promotion. Shusterman will be visiting November 21st to speak with middle school and high school students and staff as well as Frederick County librarians to promote his newest book series, ‘Arc of a Scythe.’ The next book to be released is The Toll, coming out on November 5 as the final book in this trilogy, along with the Scythe and Thunderhead


Shusterman will be speaking about the writing process and how he approaches the process as he writes his own titles. When asked, about the style of Schusterman’s working,  Junior Megan Donovan responds,“It makes you think about if the crazy situations from the story could actually happen. This makes it a really exciting read.”


Born and raised in Brooklyn, Neal Shusterman is an American writer of young adult fiction, while also a successful television and screenwriter. Shusterman graduated from the University of California Irvine. One year after graduation, he had his first book deal as a screenwriter. The highest award Shusterman was given was his National Book Award for Young People’s Literature and the Golden Kite Award, both for his book, “Challenger Deep”. 

Shusterman will be at Oakdale High from 8:00-9:00AM. Many classes, English classes in particular,will be going to see him in the auditorium. However, if any OHS students would like to see his presentation and aren’t going with their class, it is still possible. There is a list for students who’d like to see Shusterman’s presentation. Talk to Mrs. Mehl or Mrs. Owen to be added on the list. 


There are no requirements to be added to the list, however , “It would be nice if students have read one of his titles,” Mrs. Mehl adds. 


Some of the students at Oakdale are familiar with Shusterman, Donovan included. “The book [Scythe] provided a dystopian universe that was exciting from the perspective of the reader!” Donnovan exclaims. 


With the next book in the series release date getting closer and closer, Donovan and many others are filled with excitement. 


When Shusterman visits, there will be a raffle with the release of a limited amount of the newest book in the series, The Toll. The books being raffled will be signed by Shusterman himself. 


In only a few weeks, Shusterman will be coming to Oakdale. If you haven’t already, go visit the OHS library and check out some of Shusterman’s stories in order to get into the spirit.