Nearby Summer Adventures


by Emily Jerez

There are many things to do to spice up your summer.
There are many things to do to spice up your summer.

Summer vacation is just around the corner. The end of the school year brings great joy to students and their families. This is usually the season when families spend a lot of time together in foreign areas, but not everyone has the luxury of spending hundreds of dollars on an extravagant trip.

There are alternative options to having an unforgettable summer, that does not require leaving the country or traveling for multiple hours in a car. Most people do not realize that there are many amusing things to do within a 40 mile radius of Frederick, MD.

When Junior Jessica Green was asked what she does during the summer, she replied, “I never really go to other places other than Maryland during the summer. I usually just spend time at the pool or hang out with my friends.”

Families can plan a trip to the beautiful Cunningham Falls State Park which is about 25 minutes away. The admission fee is $5 per MD resident, $7 per out of state resident, and free for children in a car seat (according to Cunningham Falls State Park is not only a lake sight, but within the park there is a 2.8 mile trail leading up to the mesmerizing water fall. There are also options for overnight stays at the park: cabins and camping plots can be rented for $11.75-$61.75 (

Washington, DC is also another great place to visit on those boring summer days. There are many museums such as the Holocaust Museum and The Smithsonian that are completely free. There are also many bikes on the streets of DC that can be rented and used for 24 hours for only of $7!(

Sophomore Madison Ondo said, “I love going to DC, I always learn something new and it’s always fun to walk past the White House and hope that Obama is in sight.”

It is inevitable to visit the beach during summer vacation. The beach everyone in Maryland has probably visited once in their lives is Ocean City. There are many water sports available in Ocean city such as Parasailing ($60-$80, and jet skiing ($90 per hour, )  ; both activities can become a little pricy but the thrill of these experiences does not have a price. Also, people visiting this beach can officially get a taste of Frederick, MD by going to the Fractured Prune and devouring one of their irresistible donuts.

WIth these cheap locations so close to home, making this summer unforgettable won’t be hard.