New Citation Affects Schools

New Citation Affects Schools

Brendan Ricucci

The state of Maryland is cracking down on kids using vape products in school.


Obviously, vaping in schools was never allowed in the first place, but now schools are strictly enforcing this rule by making it a citation in all schools in the state of Maryland.


Officer Tim Calimer, Oakdale’s SRO, explained, “A citation is a civil offense. If the student is a first time offender they must face the following consequences, a $25 fine, completing a smoking education program, and twenty hours of community service.”


He then added for repeat offenders, “The fine is $100, and 40 hours of community service.”  


If a student fails to complete any of those tasks, they could be at risk of having their license suspended. With most seniors and some juniors driving to school, this would have a huge effect on some students.


Junior Landon Rotter stated his opinion on the new citation rule: “I think the citation rule will help kids learn to hit the gym or be involved in other activities besides vaping.”


Rotter believes students are focusing to much on their vapes and less on their sports and extracurricular activities.


The consequences stated by Officer Calimer were not the only punishments one could receive if they are caught with a vape product on school grounds. The school also has the right to take away school activities like football games and the homecoming dance.  If they are a repeat offender the school has the right to conduct searches of their personal belongings.


The citation is having a positive effect so far on the schools because kids are learning that the punishment for getting caught with a vape on school grounds isn’t worth it. Students can either wait till after school or not use it at all.