Welcome to the den!

Welcome to the den!


If you are previously familiar with this publication, you might have noticed something is missing. Mainly, the paper part. Yup, you guessed it, we’ve gone digital. We’re joining other high schools like Linganore and Middletown in moving our newspaper into the digital world. If you’re reading this, then congrats! You’ve found it. Just visit here to find your latest news on what’s happening around Oakdale and the community. From sports to academics to the arts, we’ll keep you updated.

Over the past four years, student journalists at Oakdale have strived to create a publication that caters to the local community. We have had a good deal of success in that regard, but one barrier has always been the timeliness of our editions. By making the move to online, we can deliver you, our readers, with content that is up to date and reflects your changing interests. In the future, we look forward to incorporating all types of media (videos, podcasts, social media) into our reporting in order to make this site a destination for news in the community.

Don’t worry, if the newspaper is what kept you busy when you had nothing better to do in SET you can still access the online newspaper with the new BYOD policy. Just unlock your device, get online, and read up! Not only are we catching up with the digital age but we’re saving trees and keeping the newspapers off of classroom and hallway floors for the custodians to clean up. We’re proud to cut the red tape announcing this online newspaper and we hope you are too!

We update a couple times a week so stay up to date with the Paw Print and don’t be afraid to share your favorite articles with your friends and families. See something you like? Something you have an opinion on? Or just something you have a response to, feel free to write a letter to the editors! Just submit it to Ms. Isacco, in room B109. If you want to stay anonymous that’s okay, just specify so.

We look forward to watching The Paw Print grow in the following years as succeeding generations of Oakdalians have their opportunity to shape The Paw Print. No matter what form it takes, The Paw Print will always reflect the interests of Oakdale students and the greater community.


Alyssa Mcbrien


Andrew Forrest

2014-2015 Co-Editors in Chief