Model UN in Baltimore


This years’ Model United Nations club at Oakdale traveled to Baltimore for the Johns Hopkins Model United Nations Conference. The conference lasted from Thursday, February 5th, to Sunday February 8th. Oakdale’s 15 delegates took on the difficult task of representing the People Republic of China. Model United Nations is an educational simulation of the United Nations where students learn about diplomacy, and international relations.

The simulation in which over 1500 students participated was divided into themed committees. Some of the themes of these committees included a G20 summit, North Korean crisis, historical committees (i.e. 1957 Suez Canal crisis), and many other broader topics such as environmental and world health concerns. Representatives researched China’s position based on their committee and topics. The students had multiple committees each day where they debated, discussed, and wrote resolutions.

When not in committee, students spent time experiencing the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. Students from Oakdale who attended are as follows: Allison Fish, Josiah Trumbley, Valeria Retana, Claire Snyder, Burk Hill, Carter Gipson, Megan Burns, Angie Maruca, Samantha Hilllmuth, Asiya Malik, Lanie Starrs, Andrew Forrest, Elise Pearson, Katie Dalimore, Ashley Bingham. Original club founders, Allison Fish and Josiah Trumbly, have built the club to the level it is at now. Josiah was also an honorable mention in his committee HGA. Advisor Ms. Jennifer Byrne was in charge of the trip and made sure everyone was safe and taken care of.

“The best part was passing a resolution with North Korea being my only other sponsor,” says Senior Andrew Forrest. Many students were successful in passing resolutions and experiencing a new environment.

Overall, the event was a success and left a lasting experience for all the students who attended. Through debates, discussions, and resolutions, students were able to learn about how the United Nations works and functions.

“I can’t wait for next year!” says member Valeria Retana.

-Claire Snyder