North Korea – How Serious are They?


by Riley Gill

When it comes to hostility, North Korea sits unparalleled at the top of the list. For years, North Korea has piled up threats against some of the most powerful countries in the world; blatantly ignoring the fact that they have neither the military nor economic capacity to handle a war with even a single world power. However, the issue of their friendship with China hands them one of the most economically powerful countries on the planet, which does cause some anxiety in some situations. At the end of the day, even China can’t just declare war on the rest of the world because their hotheaded allies in North Korea want to declare nuclear war.

After an exclusive interview with a North Korean insider, Will Ripley of CNN was told that North Korea does indeed have the capacity to facilitate a missile strike that would be able to target the United States. More recently, CNN has released a statement that North Korea has planned to launch a satellite sometime in February, which they launched last weekend.

North Korea has regularly made threats and created countless issues internationally, but no threat has ever garnered true contact besides UN denouncements. The fact that an inside view has now been given through Will Ripley of CNN, as well as the release of the mention of a satellite launch, has prompted the US military to heighten security in and around South Korea. After North Korea’s hydrogen bomb test, the US flew a B-52 bomber followed by South Korean and US fighter jets in a military display to show that further acts would not be condoned.

At this point, North Korea has reached new heights when it comes to testing other nations. The UN has denounced them several times, countless sanctions have been placed, and several international leaders have announced that they are prepared to retaliate if necessary. North Korea has consistently taken the role of the annoying little cousin vying for attention. However, with the recent activity within their country, it seems like the annoying little cousin may be ready to play ball with the big kids. At the end of the day, no matter what actions they may take, North Korea will be overwhelmed by opposing nations if they take even one step further down the treacherous path that they’ve created for themselves. The question that remains now is what step that may be, and when that day will come. North Korea’s current leader Kim Jong Un displays his country’s military prowess. (