Oakdale Boys Baseball-Hitting of the season with great weather


Kadin Wetherholt

Brett Zimmerman, a Varsity Oakdale baseball player.

The Oakdale Boys Baseball season has just hit off with the first week of practice, starting on March 9, 2020.  Students of all grades participate in a crucifying try-out, to see if they are skilled enough to part-take in the team.The team is hoping for a very successful year, anticipating to win the championship for the first time in Oakdale history. 


The coaches for the team are teachers here at Oakdale: Math teachers Sam Mills, the Varsity head coach, and Micheal Thompson,the varsity assistant coach. They both enforce mandatory practices everyday except Sundays. They have been working hard on this team putting their blood, sweat, and tears for this team.


The warm spring weather has by far been the best for the first week of practice the team has ever had. If this weather stays as nice as it has been, it will be a wonderful season for the boys. 


Derick Baker, an outfield player on varsity shares his love, “I have played baseball my whole life, and developed many qualifying skills to play at such a high level.” The skills include hitting the ball, throwing the ball, and fielding and catching the baseball at a fast pace.


The practices combine into one practice involving JV and Varsity. A typical practice will last between two to three hours. Coach Mills states that practices consist of “hitting, pitching, fielding, throwing and running.”


The Oakdale baseball season is very short compared to other sports, only lasting around 2 months. The time frame is very limited for the boys on the team but, with hard work and practice, they will be able make playoffs. The coaches are training these boys through vigorous workouts and training to make sure they obtain the championship title.


Mills shared his way of warming up for a game,“The team runs through a pre-game routine. I always just loved baseball, I just love it.”


Baker continues on Mills’ idea, “We run through a pre-game routine, warming up our body to be ready for the game.”


The Oakdale baseball team is anticipating a great season, as well as great weather. The teams only have 20 games to make it to the play-offs. The players are highly-skilled and all of them are ready to rock the killer season.