Oakdale Golf Swinging Into Districts


Madi Spencer

Oakdale Golf is approaching districts fast!


The team this year has been working hard in order to achieve their goal of winning states. Oakdale senior, Katie Tourlilott, describes how the team is preparing for districts: “Practicing everyday and the team has been going out to do practice rounds around the course where we will be playing districts.”


Districts are played at Holly Hills, the home course for the Bears.


The Bears have had a promising season so far, with three wins and two losses. The team consists of twenty one people, ten girls and eleven boys, ten of which are seniors. Marcus Macon is the coach of the team and helps improve the team’s skills every practice. The teams practices consist of strictly shorthand shots, in order to prevent ties or losses. Putting is one of the most difficult skills in golf, and the Bears don’t plan on letting this be a weakness of theirs. To prepare for difficult putting situations, the Bears line up their put, do some practice swings, and keep their focus.


The team is a strong unit, and doesn’t let anyone get them down, Oakdale senior Jake Ramsburg explained, “It’s hard to get us down over anything. Win or lose we are still a team.” Between long matches and pasta parties, the team spends lots of time together, bonding them more and more.”


The team usually plays 9-hole matches. During matches, players can sometimes run into a rough hole, but it is important to not let this affect the rest of the round.


Ramsburg describes how he gets through a rough hole: “Thought of the rest of the round, you can’t let one hole make or break your round. You’ve got to keep your head in it and keep going for the team.” Those who aren’t playing in the match cheer on those who are playing to make the rough holes easier.


The team plays in county’s October 2nd at Clustered Spires, and Districts October 3rd at Blackrock. The Bears are hoping for a victory, practicing the Clustered Spires course in preparation.