Oakdale High School Staff and Students Host 1st Kickball Tournament

Luke Paugh

For the first time ever, a  kickball tournament was hosted at Oakdale High School on Friday, October 4th.  This tournament was a way students could get out of their 5th Block class, and go have fun, and raise funds for Safe and Sane. Seniors Sydney Katz and Emily Baba were in charge of the kickball tournament as part of their leadership project.  


Katz and Baba foreshadowed, “With this being our first kickball game, we do hope it will be a success, and that students will have fun and get to interact with their teammates.  With us being in charge of the tournament, we hope to raise money, and receive credit because we’re doing this as part of a project for leadership class.  


 In order to participate, students had to sign up by paying money.  Players who signed up were divided into two teams with Junior students Aubrey Schaffer and Eric Connelley as team captains.  Those who signed up to watch cheered on classmates as they battled their way to victory. As a result, Team Connelley defeated Team Schaffer  23-13.  


All the money raised at the kickball tournament will go towards the annual Safe and Sane event at the end of the school year, which Oakdale High School students and staff have been doing since 2013.  Many students look forward to Safe and Sane each year.  


Senior Bella Piccolomini is participating in this yearś event, and believes that Safe and Sane is for a good cause.   “The purpose of Safe and Sane is to prevent drunk driving from seniors after attending late parties to celebrate their accomplishments. With us doing Safe and Sane, it’s a way to make sure that students stay safe after graduation”.  


Although different each year, Katz looks forward to what this year’s Safe and Sane has to offer.  “I’m very excited to see what Safe and Sane does with the money, and how we can come up with more ways to make it interesting every year”.