Oakdale High students participate in second “Mock Election”


Kate Ehrlich

The results of the 2020 OHS Mock Election.

Nicolas Moyer

The week before the election, Oakdale High School students participated in the second Mock Presidential Election. Mrs.Kate Ehrlich, an Oakdale High Social Studies teacher, conducted the elections, both in 2016 and in this year.


“The presidential race [in 2016] was between Donald Trump (Republican), Hillary Clinton (Democrat), Gary Johnson (Libertarian), and Jill Stein (Green). Back then, our election was a little less high tech.  Students voted on paper ballots during lunch and SET. They received “I voted” stickers to wear at school the day of the election if they participated.” Ehrlich said. 


The previous mock election, the results were similar to the actual election, with president Donald Trump receiving the most votes. The results were announced in this video, on the morning announcements.


Erlich had two theories on how the students accurately predicted the election, “It could be that the variety of political views held by OHS students are similar to the views held by different groups in our society as a whole … or maybe we just got lucky!” 


This year’s election was much different from the original in 2016, much like the real election. The obstacle of the global pandemic was a question mark on how the election would eventually turn out. 


“Like those overseeing the actual election, we’ve had to find ways to allow students to participate while mitigating the risk of COVID infection. This year, it has also been harder to get the word out about voting. So far voter turnout has been less than I would like to see.” 


Ehrlich also explained that, “this of course does not mirror the current election, which is on track to have record voter turnout.” 


This year the students’ results accurately predicted which candidate would win yet again. 


President elect, Joe Biden won the mock election with 65.3% of the votes, receiving a total of 209 votes. Second place went to President Donald Trump. He received 28.7% of the vote receiving a total of 92 votes. 


“I anticipate that the Social Studies Department will continue to make sure students get the chance to participate in a mock election every four years. It’s a fun way for students to get their voices heard when many can’t yet vote in the official election. It also is a chance to practice fulfilling a civic responsibility that is expected of good citizens.” Ehrlich wrote. 


This was a fun experiment that students hope becomes a tradition for every election.