Oakdale left to their own devices!


By Brenan Capicchioni and Kaleb Fullbright


This year Oakdale has enough chromebooks to give one to every student! Each chromebook cost $15 for each term, $30 to rent for a semester and $60 for the entire year. The chromebook rent fee can be paid for online or at the school.


Mechanical breakdowns are all insured,anything from the battery to any external components. Accidental damage is covered for the 1st incident but if it happens a 2nd time you’ll be charged $30, if it happens a 3rd time then the charge will be increased to $60 and if it happens a 4th time then you’ll have to pay $120.


Damages will be fully covered if damaged by a fire, flood or by natural disaster. Lost devices cost $30 to replace  for the 1st incident but if you lose it again you have to pay the full cost of the chromebook which is $240.


If the chromebook is stolen it’ll be fully covered as long as a police report is given. Incidents that have been determined to be intentional will not be covered and you will be charged for the full replacement of the chromebook. Lost chargers will not be covered and to replace them it costs $25. When you are given your chromebook you’ll be issued a case for the chromebook and if that is lost, then you will have to pay $20 to replace it.


While we have a chromebook for every student “only about 40% of the students have one.” says librarian, and chromebook distributor Renate Owen.


The students at Oakdale have been using the chromebooks for a semester now and are rather conflicted on the fact that the chromebook costs $30, “I shouldn’t have to spend 30 dollars on it when it was free before,” said Oakdale student Sean Gilbert.


“It’s not terrible,” stated Sophomore Hannah Garrison.


When asked if she thinks that the chromebooks will be useful, environmental science teacher and girls lacrosse coach, Ms. Beth Nave said, “I think[it will be] in the long run, but there’s still a lot of kinks to be worked out.”


When asked whether or not they like the 1:1 devices Gilbert responded,  “I do not, I’d rather have a computer lab or the laptops in the class”.


The 1:1 devices are available to everybody, so please if you like one to use for school in all of your classes go talk to Ms.Owen in the library and bring her the $15, $30 or the $60 to rent one.