Oakdale Students are Encourage to Change Passwords


by Graeme Turman

With an ever-present perceived need for digital security, it should come as no surprise that, given recent events (including compromised school accounts and classrooms), Oakdale students are being encouraged to change their account passwords.

“I had a couple parents call concerned that students’ passwords were their ID numbers, and if, by chance, their ID got out, that [other students] would have access to their accounts,” Oakdale Principal Jeffrey Marker told the Paw Print.

“[The reason for the password change] is to make sure that [students] understand the importance of security and to prepare them for real world security,” tech advisor Ross Metts advised. “Once you get out of [high school], most passwords need to be [capital] letters and numbers. [Our passwords] have been numbers all the way through.”

Despite a pop-up prompt informing students of the need for password changes, some students are still indignant to the need for cyber security.

“It’s stupid,” said Oakdale Senior Tony Bianchini. “I’ve had the same password for four years and I want to keep it.”

Students can change their passwords by following the instructions that appear on the previously mentioned pop-up prompt. Students have been given a deadline of February 15, 2016, to change their passwords in order to ensure all students meet the standards for proper computer safety.