Oakdale’s Got All That Jazz!

by Justin Friday

Oakdale High School has always been blessed with amazing student musicians and equally amazing music teachers. Programs like theatre, marching band, concert band, choir, indoor percussion and many others have truly set Oakdale apart in regards to musical performance. This year, Oakdale adds yet another amazing program to the growing list of musical achievement: Jazz Band.

Consisting of only thirteen musicians, Jazz Band at Oakdale offers a whole new flavor of music, the likes of which the school has never seen. Some members include (though not limited to) Junior Jason Wright (trumpet), Senior Andrew Pyne (Bass), Junior Alex Thrailkill (Drum set), Senior Dominic Vissari (Baritone Sax), and many more adept students. The Jazz band program promises to expose its members to a wide pallet of jazz styles like ballads, traditional, Latin, and lyrical. Jazz band will provide a worthy challenge to any musician and will allow a performer to become more comfortable with solos and even improvisation.

When asked what makes Jazz great, Ms. Emily Hornbaker, the Jazz band instructor says “I love that it is an American genre and has the ability to reach so many different styles. [Jazz] is one of the only truly american genres”.

The jazz band rehearses every Tuesday and Thursday and is taught under the direction of Ms. Hornbaker. So far in its first year, the jazz band has flourished. Any  student who feels themselves ready to tackle a whole new breed of music is highly encouraged to audition next year to participate in this amazing ensemble.