Oakdale’s New Faculty


By: Justin Friday

This school year we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming a whole cast of new faculty to the Oakdale High School family. However, with the new comes uncertainty. Many students may wonder if the new teachers are nice or fun or if they want to see us succeed. Oakdale has had a history of exceptional teaching staff and is likely to carry that tradition with its new faculty.


One new teacher,  Mr. Kevin Trigger,  teaches computer science and FOT. This is the first high school he’s ever worked at, and he seems to enjoy the change of scenery. “The ceilings and doorways are taller [than middle school] and it’s a whole lot quieter.” Mr. Trigger is a rather interesting personality when you actually start to talk with him; he also has an active interest in the students he teaches and stated, “I love teaching, I want my students to learn, I’m not out to ‘get’ them.”


Another great Oakdale faculty member is Ms. Donna Clabaugh, our own principal. She started her education career 20 years ago jumping from school to school as teacher and principal alike, from Walkersville to Catoctin, and even at some middle schools. She loves Oakdale for its friendly students and safe atmosphere. “In general FCPS high schools have a lot of opportunities, and I hope you take advantage of it.” She loves yoga and baking and would like to know what students think the school needs to be even better.
Of course Oakdale has a much larger cast of new faculty, but they are all kind and considerate people who want to see students succeed. Oakdale has always had great teachers and will continue to have great teachers for years to come.