OHS Wants to Serve Those Who Have Served Us


Charvi Bethu

The Veterans Club organized a Candy Drive where people can donate candy to active servicemen.

Charvi Bethu, Editor

Throughout the school year, Oakdale High School’s Veterans Club will be meeting most Mondays during SET in room A224. In this club, the members will conduct service drives for active-duty soldiers and veterans. 


The newly formed club is advised by Mrs. Alexia Isacco. Veterans club is a student-run program where their mission, “is to provide reciprocal care and support for those who have served in our military.” The club will run numerous fundraisers and donation events that will benefit Veterans of all sorts.


The current president of the club, Senior Kaitlyn Wylie, expresses her passion behind starting this club. The club began when she “saw a need for more care towards Veterans.” 


It’s evident that Wylie’s genuine care for the well-being of Veterans and their life after they serve, drove her to create this club. 


The Vice President of the new club, Senior Liam Villanueva, shares that the military plays a major role in his life since his dad is a veteran. He adds that, “[he] always knew that [he] wanted to follow in [his] father’s footsteps of joining the military.” 


Additionally, Villanueva added that having a personal connection to the club makes him a stronger addition to the club’s leaders. 


After taking part in this club, Villanueva has valued the importance of Veterans even more. Villanueva explains that since he also wants to pursue a future career in the military, it’s important to him that he supports our nation’s Veterans.      


Something different and exciting the members of the Veterans club can look forward to is meeting the service dogs and Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital visits. Wylie mentions how the club will receive a portion of the proceeds made from their fundraisers which will go directly into funding a service dog for families with Veterans. Additionally, Wylie expresses how she is, “excited to see the face of a veteran when they see a service dog dedicated to them.” 


Adding on to that, Villanueva says that this club will go to a few VA hospitals where they will be, “meeting and greeting the Veterans that have returned from deployments overseas.” Villanueva mentions events like this are what make this club intriguing.   


Overall, the Oakdale Veterans club provides its members with an opportunity to demonstrate active leadership and develop a sense of empathy. If you are someone with an open mind, enjoy working with others, and want to serve those who’ve served us, check out this club and contact either Alexia Isacco or Kaitlyn Wylie for more details.