Open up a Black Eyed Susan Book


By Mckenna Whelan

Every year since 1992, the Maryland Association of School Librarians assembles a variety of books for students to read and vote for the Black Eyed Susan book award. The purpose of this non-profit educational organization is to encourage youth to have a lifelong love of books and to motivate reading skills. This program takes kids from all ages on a journey in discovering a variety of books and authors. As librarians across the state influence youth to open up a book they are also opening up their eyes to the adventures of reading.

“This is the best award for students because the winner is their choice!” Oakdale Librarian Assistant Mrs. Amy Murdoch says.

The books are separated into five different categories depending on reading levels for nomination. Categories include picture books, grades 4-6, grades 6-9, and high school. This year 73,000 students across Maryland have selected their favorites.

The high school nominees for 2014-2015 were the books Bruised, Not a Drop to Drink, A Thousand Words, Out Of Nowhere, Bomb,The Clockwork Scarab, The Beginning of Everything, Unbreakable, The Living and the winner for the Black Eyed susan award for high school was Eleanor and Park By Rainbow Rowell.

The Black Eyed Susan nominees for the 2015-2016 are already selected and available for students to start reading! The selected nominees for the high school reading level is filled with a diverse collection. Books are;

  • The Impossible Knife of Memory
  • The Naturals
  • Nearly Gone
  • The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone
  • Open Road Summer
  • Steelheart
  • The Scars Boys
  • Rose Under Fire
  • Noggin
  • The Shadow Hero


Student’s have plenty of time to take the chance to discover these books and support their admired books. Voting can be submitted online and via email ([email protected]). It can be a good experience for people to explore new readings and honor them by voting. To check out what the Black Eyed Susan organization has to offer everyone can visit their website

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Open up a Black-Eyed Susan Book!
Open up a Black-Eyed Susan Book!