Preschool Students Return To In-Person School


Peyton Whyte

Child Development 1 students Jocelyn Gettys, Sydney Kubic, Kasey Griffin, and Naomi Castillo practicing their presentation for daily circle time at the start of the preschool day.

Sydney Kubic and Peyton Whyte

After more than eighteen months, the Bear Cubs return! Oakdale High School students in Child Development spent the first weeks preparing for the preschool students’ return on Monday, September 27th.

With the new preschool students coming in, the high school students help Mrs. Seliga, the Child development teacher at Oakdale high school, plan for the return.

Seliga is a second year teacher at OHS. Due to Covid, virtual classes were held for both her high school and preschool students for the 2020-2021 school year

Teaching preschoolers, as well as high school students, can be a lot to handle. Seliga commented, “I love seeing all the positive interactions and learning opportunities that occur between the high school and preschool students,”she continued, “I’ve witnessed many smiles, laughter, and teamwork this first week of preschool!”

A few Child Development students were asked how they felt on the first day. Junior, Liv LeClere noted, “Fairly prepared. I had all my materials but I was a little nervous.”

Junior, Caitlin Perry adds, “I felt nervous but prepared and then we started and all confidence
had left my body.”

When asked about why she joined the class, Perry responded, “I love teaching but I wanted to see if I wanted to teach little kids or older kids, like middle or high school.”

Seliga has made sure everything was prepared for the return. She stated, “Constant communication with preschool parents, ordering supplies, setting up the preschool room.” She goes on to add, “and countless meetings with other child development teachers in the county are just a few of the things I have done to prepare for in person preschool.”

Each week the child development students are tasked with creating lesson plans to teach to the preschoolers the following week. Each block of child development focuses on different areas of study within the preschool curriculum.

LeClere is a student in first block helping with the arrival of the students at eight o’clock, Monday through Thursday. She voiced, “I’ve taught them their colors, and next week I’ll teach them the letters b and c.”

Perry is part of both third and fourth block with the child development classes. Third block SET students are in charge of snack and recess with the preschoolers.

Fourth block child development students teach all subjects to the preschoolers along with being in charge of their dismissal time at noon.

Teresa Kenney, a social studies teacher, is a parent of one of the eight preschool students this school year.

Kenney, being a teacher herself, chose to put her student in a predominantly run by high school students preschool for the advantage of the student teachers stating, “As an educator I know that there is a huge benefit to working with kids while you are a student teacher.”

Kenney goes on to add, “I also love the Oakdale community and am excited for my child to be a part of it.”

When asked about what she is most excited about for her child this school year Kenney responded with, “I am so excited for her to learn new things and be able to make new friends.”

Working with these kids is a thrill for everyone. The preschoolers have a blast coming to school; the high school students have fun planning, and Seliga commented, “You get to instill a love for learning, plan out fun exciting activities and there is never a dull moment!”