Redskins Hire HC Ron Rivera, Fire GM Bruce Allen

Liam Rorer and Brendan Riccuci

It is the year 1991, the Washington Redskins franchise is at an all time high coming off their third Super Bowl title victory. It’s nearly impossible to buy a ticket to see the Redskins play due to their popularity, consistent winning seasons, and a roster of talent with the legendary Joe Gibbs at Head Coach. It was as exciting to be a Redskins fan as it was to be apart of the Redskins team.


No one can argue that when Dan Synder bought the team back in 1999 the Redskins have been a mediocre franchise overall. Finally things hit rock bottom when Bruce Allen took over as GM back in 2009. The Redskins were in desperate need of a culture change. Over 21  years the Redskins suffered debilitating performances with only 5 out of 21 seasons reaching a winning record. Said winning records never peaked above 10-6, and the farthest they reached in the playoffs was the Divisional Round.


Fans were demanding change and after the 2019 season they finally got it. Dan Synder after 10 years finally let Bruce Allen go, and hired an experienced winning coach Ron Rivera. 


Junior Will Boughn shared his opinion on who the Redskins can potentially hire as their next GM. “John Dorsey from the Browns was just let go and I have no clue why the wouldn’t Redskins should jump on him.”


Rivera came into play when the Panthers fired him on December 3rd, 2019. The Redskins had fired their former Head Coach, Jay Gruden, after back-to back disappointing performances. The interim coach, Bill Callahan, showed a lacking performance as well, requiring the Redskins to seek a different coach following the season’s end. The quick-thinking front office (post-firing of former GM Bruce Allen) took the opportunity to snag Rivera as the new Head Coach, before other teams such as NFC East rivals the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys would make changes off the field and seek a new coach.


Senior Shemaiah Sabvute shared his opinion on the Rivera hiring: “It’s a great hiring however I believe it’s going to take a few years to turn this roster into a playoff team.” 

Dan Synder knew he had to make a big move and that’s just what he did. The Redskins are hoping the culture can return to it’s once great state.