Run Hard, Turn Left


By: Elissa Dallimore



After two months of substantial preparation, the Oakdale Girl’s Softball Team is ready to strike once again in the upcoming spring season running from March through May.


For many of the girls, softball is a prominent part of their lives year round. Players continue to practice whether they are in a batting cage, practicing over the weekend, or playing for travel teams. At Oakdale, a vigorous conditioning program has been in place since the end of the holidays. Beginning at 6 am, participants flock to Oakdale to practice throwing, fielding (learning how to react to airborne balls), sprinting, and preparing their shoulders and arms.


Unless one believes Coach Sean McChesney and Coach Chuck Welch are tyrants, the team praised their methods of coaching.


“I love the morning practices, after them I’m much more energized for the day,” enthused Junior Maggie Stoffer, who typically holds second base. Other students commented that it is through the coaches’ creative training methods that they have improved exponentially.


“All the coaches are really nice and motivate us to get better as players,” commented Junior Peyton Seaman, who is entering her third year on the team.


On Wednesday, March 1, a two-day tryout process began in which students are judged on their “softball IQ”. The softball IQ entails one’s coachability, batting and throwing accuracy, and general athleticism. At the end of tryouts on Thursday, March 2, students found out if they made the JV or Varsity team.


“The team fared very well last season… Many of our players are returning from last year and they have shown a lot of improvement,” remarked Coach Welch.


During the season, the team will play each softball team in Frederick County twice before entering playoffs. Students who participated in the previous season felt that Urbana High School remained their biggest rival, due to the amount of close games that had occurred.


Not only has the team helped teach students various athletic skills, the students have also learned lessons that they will be able to carry into other areas of their lives.


“Before I played softball in high school I had never played a team sport, so I learned how to work together with my teammates. I feel that this has helped me become a better listener, friend, and will serve me in college where I can be a better classmate,” reflects Senior Devin Cooney.


Junior Katelyn Orzechowski, who is often a pitcher for the team, had high hopes for the upcoming season, “I’m going to aim high and say that we’ll be state champs this season.”
The games take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week from 4:30 till 6:00 after school, starting at the end of March, and are free of charge. Be sure to come out and support the Oakdale Girl’s Softball Team!