Safe and Sane

by Emily Jerez

The time has finally come for seniors to graduate and move on from high school, but first, LET’S PARTY! Graduation night has a history of being a night of teenage death due to drinking and driving after attending late night parties. Due to this fact, Oakdale High School and many other FCPS schools host an annual celebration known as Safe and Sane. Safe and Sane is meant to keep teens from becoming a statistic and creates a fun and safe environment for students to spend time together as a class for the very last time.

This year, Safe and Sane will start at 9:00 pm and end at 5:00 am. All students who plan to attend must be at OHS at 8:30 in order to register, retrieve their wristbands, and load onto the busses that will transport all attending students from OHS to The Mount St. Mary’s Arena and back. If any student would like to leave the festivities at an earlier time, a parent must bring in a note and sign them out at the arena. No student will be allowed to enter Safe and Sane once he or she has been signed out by a parent.

The eight-hour celebration will be filled with food, games, prizes, and, most importantly, unforgettable memories. The food will be provided all night long and will include items such as pizza, vegetables, chicken, fruit, subs, dessert, an ice cream bar, etc. It is important to know that participating in games such as basketball, swimming, and casino night will allow students to earn tickets that can be used to earn prizes later in the night. The night will also include activities like rock climbing, racing toilets, simulated surfboard, human bowling, an obstacle course, and, the night’s biggest attraction, the money machine. Students will be able to enter the machine and grab as much blowing money as they can during a set amount of time. Students can potentially leave with over one hundred dollars.

When OHS Senior Alyssa Eby was asked what she is looking forward to most she stated,”I am excited to spend the night with all of my closest friends and fellow classmates. I also can’t wait to see if I win a prize or not. I know they will have flat screens TV’s and high-value gift cards. I am so excited!”

The long night of safe fun will end with prizes being announced and handed out to students. Please note that any student who is announced a winner of a prize must be present at about five in the morning in order to claim their reward.

Oakdale High School Alumni Grace Sabitus recalls her night at Safe and Sane about a year ago. Sabitus states, “It’s definitely worth going and staying! It was fun to hangout with everyone before the summer, especially because there are some people that you’ll never see again! My favorite attraction was the poker tables because I’ve always loved playing poker, and it was fun to be able to play as much as I wanted.”

This spectacular night could not be possible without the fundraising and donations that have taken place in the last school year. The easiest way an OHS senior can donate is by buying a ticket to Safe and Sane as soon as possible. All students can participate in fundraising by visiting Glory Days Grill and retrieving a copy of their server receipt (not payment receipt) and turn it into the Safe and Sane Mailbox located in the front office. The Glory Days food fundraiser runs up to May 15, 2016. The more money S&S receives the better the prizes and attractions will be at the actual event. It is also greatly appreciated if students would ask their family members or employers to donate; donation forms can be downloaded at under the documents tab. Also, please be sure to ask parents to help chaperone the event and help with serving food and running games. Volunteer sign ups are also available on the Safe and Sane website.  

To all seniors who plan on attending this action-packed night, please consider buying a ticket as soon as possible. This will be the last time the 2016 Oakdale Senior Class will be together. See you there!

Special thanks to Safe and Sane Chairperson Ms. Christa Eby for helping run Safe and Sane, and for providing the information embedded within this article.