Sing It is Back


Oakdale High School’s Sing It club is back again this year!


Last year, this new club was introduced. Meetings included singing and dancing to popular songs, meeting new people, and having a good time.


This year, Sing It president, Lindsey Edwards, has big plans for the club, and is trying to get the club more involved with other activities. “We have some performances we are planning, like basketball games and christmas caroling,” Edwards explains.


Edwards is accompanied by her vice president, Elyse Palumbo. They both were inspired by the popular FOX television show, ‘Glee.” “We watched [“Glee”] our whole lives, and we just have been passionate about it so–we made a club.”


Sing It is a club for those who want to sing, but may not necessarily be good at it. The club isn’t about being the best singer, it’s about having fun and letting go of the stress from school. In Sing It, there is a “no judgment” rule, so everyone feels free to be themselves and relax. The purpose of the club isn’t to sing like a professional, it’s to have a good time


Palumbo comments on the purpose of Sing It:  “We wanted a glee club for people who aren’t good at singing.” Both Edwards and Palumbo insure that anyone and everyone can join, the club is open to all levels of singers.


Sydney Katz is an active  member of Sing It. “I like Sing It because you get to destress from school and just hang out with friends”. Every member is free to sing or dance in every meeting.


Sing It also works on team building and bonding skills. Games, sing-alongs, and performances are all what make the meetings unique and different then any other club in the school. The club resembles a family and helps members meet new people and find others with similar interests.


Being a new club, Sing It is a fresh addition to the school and a great opportunity to get involved. Contact Lindsey Edwards or Elyse Palumbo for any information or to join after those dates.