Singing Sophomore Cupids

by: Elizabeth Verbeten


Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for many clubs to fundraise at Oakdale. There are the usual candy grams and roses sold and sent out, but this year the Sophomore Club came up with an interesting addition. They offered singing carolers for a donation of 3, 4, or 5 dollars.

Each of the prices represents a different type of option. For $3 the buyer can choose a song from “L-O-V-E”, “All of Me”, and “Replay” to be sung to whomever they choose. For $4 they can choose which cupid, sophomores Maurio Goings or Sam Locke, sings their song choice; and for $5 the two boys will sing a duet of the buyer’s choice from “Love is an Open Door”, “You’re the One That I Want”, or “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

This fun idea was thought up not by Ms. Madeleine Pearson, the sophomore club advisor, but created by the members of the club themselves as a fun way to raise money and spread love. Goings and Locke were voted to be cupids because of their positions as president and vice president of the Sophomore Club respectively.

The cupids were both very excited about this project, with Goings calling it a “terrific idea,” and Locke saying that the singing cupids were a good example of how “Ms.Pearson does a great idea of leading the club and getting Maurio to step up and do something as president.”

The money made from the singing cupids go towards future club activities, such as a hopeful future club trip to play laser tag. This fundraiser managed to raise over $100, so the hopes of the sophomore club look like they will be realized due to this delightful sophomore singing adventure.