Start Up Frederick!


Kaelyn Stieg

Students and advisors at the 2021 virtual Start Up Frederick competition

Alexia Parisi, Editor

For students interested in expanding their business, knowledge, and experience Oakdale High offers a club based on the TV show “Shark Tank”: Start Up Frederick.


Kaelyn Stieg, Business teacher at Oakdale High and Coordinator of Start Up Frederick is encouraging “any student who has a business idea or existing small businesses” to come join Start Up Frederick. 


In this club students will gain experience making business plans, building presentations, and public speaking. At the end of the year, students will hopefully be presenting their business plans in a competition with 10 other schools in Frederick County. Each school is competing for a cash prize supplied by NYMEO credit union. 


The in-person school competition will determine which team will represent OHS at the countywide event. The 7th annual countywide event in May 2022 will still be all virtual. Because of COVID, last year’s competition was online, so students are especially excited for the chance to compete in a more personal environment this year. 


“The previous year we did this the competition virtually so I’m excited to present our ideas in person,” senior Aryan Kalathiya mentioned.


Nirek Brahnbett, also a senior at OHS added that he is “Excited to hopefully go to the competition and win first place.”


Oakdale has an amazing record at this competition. Placements including:


2018 – First Place

2019 – First Place

2020 – Second & Third Place

2021 – Second Place


Students have many creative ideas they are interested in creating. Brahnbett even mentioned having an idea that has to do with 3D printing and different technologies.


Like previously mentioned, if students have any small ideas that they think they could expand into a bigger one, they might want to look into Start Up!  Students will be collaborating in groups and working with friends to make their ideas bigger and real. 


Kalathiya added, “Being able to work with other people and making new connections, is one of the best parts of this club.”


The most important thing to keep in mind is that anyone can join the club. It’s not just for students who are already in business classes or the business completer program. Mrs. Stieg is encouraging anyone interested to join. If interested or would like more information, contact Mrs.Stieg at [email protected].