Summer Time


by Josh Hinde

Soaking in the rays
Soaking in the rays

Summer is a magical time of the year when we are finally free of the oppression that is known as the public school system.  This is the time that all students dream of and long for all year long.  One reason for this is because of all the opportunities that summer provides.  One can get a job, they can go on vacation, and there are limitless opportunities to hang out with your friends.

“I really enjoy the summertime, because I am able to relax, and just do nothing, which is something that I am very skilled at.” remarks Senior JW Shiver.

Shiver continued, “I take summer as a personal challenge to see how little I can get accomplished.  The less I get done, the better.”

Other individuals view summertime as an opportunity to get valuable work done, and hone their skills for when school resumes.  Students will engage in activities like summer jobs and internships in order to gain valuable work experience for college and beyond.  One example of an individual with these qualities and values is Senior Andrew Forrest, “During the summer, I work at a Boy Scout summer camp called ‘Broad Creek Scout Reservation.’  It is truly a rewarding experience, and even though I only make $0.90 and hour, I wouldn’t have any other job!”

In addition, the summer is a very special time for graduating seniors.  This is a time when they can have one last blast with their friends from high school before they all separate and head off to different colleges.  One way that the majority of Seniors do this is with Senior Week,  Why else would parents let their children spend a week at the beach if they weren’t going to make good decisions.

Overall, summer is a magical, wonderful time of the year when we as a human race make our best life decisions.  Whether you are relaxing, or preparing for your future, summer is always a great time to accomplish a great deal, or nothing at all.