Super Bowl LIV Results

Brendan Riccuci

Super Bowl LIV had the potential of being a historical game; it didn’t fail to disappoint. A heavily talented defense going up against an extremely talented offense. This battle of pure talent was between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes and his dangerous offense had to face its toughest defense all year. 


Before the game began both teams witnessed a wonderful performance of our country’s National Anthem by Demi Lovato. Now it was gametime. The game began with the 49ers driving down the field but not capitalizing for six, it was 3-0 San Francisco early. Later in the 1st quarter Quarterback Patrick Mahomes would run into the endzone himself for six. The score was now 7-3 Chiefs.


The 2nd quarter was quite the opposite. in the beginning of the 2nd quarter, the Chiefs would drive down the field but only manage to capitalize with a field goal. Later in the 2nd 49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo would throw a bullet to fullback Kyle Juszczyk for a touchdown. The score at half was 10-10. 


Senior Patrick Thomas before knowing the outcome of the game mentioned his prediction for the 2nd half. “I can see Patrick Mahomes taking control this 2nd half, he wasn’t playing like himself in that 1st half.”


The 2nd half began just like the 1st two quarters did, with a field goal. This field goal was made by the 49ers kicker Robbie Gould which now gave them a 13-10 lead. Later in the 3rd the Niners would strike again this time for a touchdown. Running back Raheem Mostert would punch it in. 


Going into the 4th San Francisco lead Kansas City 20-10, Junior Will Boughn was asked if he saw a Chiefs comeback, “Knowing Mahomes and that offense I can see something big happening this final quarter.” 


The 4th quarter began slow with no points being scored until 6:13 remaining in the game. Patrick Mahomes fired a pass to Tight end Travis Kelce to cut the 49ers lead to three. The Chiefs Defense would make a huge stop giving Mahomes and his offense plenty of time to strike. That’s just what this Chiefs offense would do as Running Back Damien Willams would catch a pass on 3rd and goal for a Chiefs touchdown and lead. 


With 2:44 left in the game the score was now 24-20 Chiefs. The 49ers had one final chance and didn’t succeed, turning over the ball on 4th down. Damien Willams would add insult to injury punching in a final touchdown for the chiefs and winning them the Super Bowl by the score of 31-20. 


Super Bowl LIV surely will go down as a very exciting and historical Super Bowl as the Chiefs would win their first Super Bowl since 1970 when they defeated the Minnesota Vikings.