Take a bite out of something new at Oakdale


By Jessica Smith


Oakdale High School’s cafeteria has put forth many changes in the lunch menu throughout this school year. The changes started with a Mexican food bar in the first semester. In this menu, students were able to make their own personalized burrito bowls and other Mexican food items. Now, in the second semester, the Oakdale cafeteria is not only offering a new food menu, Asian cuisine, but also a breakfast bar in the morning on Main Street.

This new Asian bar is very similar to the Mexican bar that was added to the menu in the beginning of the year. Students can pick and choose from a variety of Asian food options, personalizing their lunch to have it the way they want it.

Many students have showed their positivity and enthusiasm toward this new change. “I think it’s good for the school to try mixing things up, and to experiment with different options on the menu,” states junior, Olivia Sothoron.

Freshman, Lindsey Edwards also shares her optimistic outlook about the changes: “I think that it’s a grand idea.”

Although many students enjoy the new food menu, few still have their doubts and hesitations. Junior, Sarah Case confesses her concerns, “I think these changes are interesting, but not a lot of students are comfortable with trying it yet.”

Even though many students have not tasted the new menu yet, some express how they would strongly consider tasting it in the future.

Thanks to Oakdale’s cafeteria, both students and staff have been frequently presented with the opportunity to try new things. The community has been positively affected by these changes brought out in the lunchroom.