Take a Hike!

By Justin Friday

Maryland is an ideal state for nature walks, hiking, and camping among several other outdoor activities; but did you know that there are vast amounts of wilderness trails and nature walks right at our doorstep? Mere walking distance from the school’s front doors are beautiful foot trails teeming with life and natural beauty.

The trail begins northwest of the school near the auxiliary field. From there you can walk down a beautiful dirt trail towards the dam with plenty of flora and fauna. I personally have hiked this trail several times and have always been pleasantly surprised by deer, colorful birds, gophers, and even Bald Eagles. It would only take a brisk thirty minute walk to find a rushing dam, an abandoned road left to the elements, and hundreds of natural spectacles.

When asked about his experience with the trail, Riley Gill states, “There are a lot really cool spots to stop at, and there are shorter or longer trails depending on how much you want to hike.”

There is a wide variety of trail grades, difficulties, and lengths to enjoy to possibly challenge yourself, as well as excellent fishing spots and superb bird watching. At the end of the day there is plenty of potential to enjoy a fun nature trail for anyone just at our doorstep.