The Aspark Owl Launches

Ehsan Heydari, Editor

Founded in 2005, Aspark has over 25 offices and 3,300 employees in the world. Aspark is looking to start 2021 off with a bang. After spending much of the last four years teasing its all-electric hypercar, the Aspark Owl, the Japanese company has finally opened up the order books for the groundbreaking EV. With a 0 to 60 mph time of 1.7 seconds and a record of 1,985 hp, it is basically the fastest car in the world!


First unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show way back in 2017, the very first hypercar to originate from Japan is now officially available for purchase. To all people hoping to get their hands  on one, prepare to act fast, because only 50 are expected to roll off the line during production. Of that limited run, 20 Owls are planned for European market, 20 for Asia and the Middle East and just 10 for North America.


Making matters even more difficult is the fact that Aspark is an industrial engineering firm, meaning that it doesn’t have the dealership network of a traditional automaker. Because of this, North American sales are being handled by The Gables Sports Cars, an exotic car dealership based out of Miami, Florida.


Senam Dzodzomenyo, car enthusiast, states “I think [electric cars are the future], but I think there will still be a good amount of people that like the ‘old-fashioned’ gasoline cars- ex. Lamborghini Huracan, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Roma.” 


While supercars have long been popular, Dzodzomenyo feels as though hypercars are a different category entirely: “I’m a fan of supercars, but hypercars are a completely different territory. They usually have anywhere from 825-1200 hp, and the 0-60 on the Aspark Owl is ridiculous.”


Another part of hypercars is aesthetics. Hypercars tend to have larger, chunkier features, which clashes with the even designs that people associate with supercars. 


“I find a numerous amount of hypercars with exaggerated features. I would like a smooth, sleek, futuristic design on a car.” Dzodzomenyo confides. He reveals that he personally does not like the look of The Aspark Owl, and would rather buy if given the opportunity an Aston Martin or Jaguar F-Type. 


Car enthusiast, Andrew Isacco, replied with a much more positive feedback on the looks of the Aspark Owl, and admits he would want such a car if given the opportunity. 


Though Aspark said it expected the car to cost $3.2 million when the production model made its debut in 2019, it will now start off at $3.56 million. You can apply to buy yours on the company’s website now.