The Carnival Comes to Oakdale

Jess Smith, Writer




On Wednesday, May 31st, Oakdale High School’s carnival was held in the stadium from 1:00pm to 2:15pm. This event takes place at the end of each year and is planned by the school’s Student Government Association (SGA).


Even though the carnival is set up for all grades to enjoy, the seniors are the first class of the day to enjoy the festivities. After their last graduation practice, the seniors are encouraged to come to the carnival, to play fun games with their friends, and to eat food at no cost to them.


Not only is this a good way to finish off their high school experience, but it is also a way for them to say their final goodbyes to former classmates, teachers and staff.


“I personally have always loved the carnival,” stated junior Sarah Case, “It’s a great opportunity for the underclassman to see the seniors one last time before the leave. I like that the seniors stay to participate in this school-wide activity.”


However sentimental the moment may be, seeing the seniors for the last time is not the only reason why the underclassman enjoy the carnival so much. The students had fun in a variety of different ways.


They battled against their friends in a life size wrecking ball game, tested their speed in a moon bounce obstacle course, and challenged their strength with a bungee run. Along with the large inflatables, the students had the chance to participate in a bean bag toss, plunge their favorite teachers into a dunk tank, listen to music played over the stadium speakers, or just run around on the main field.


Freshman Lindsey Edwards commented, “I liked the carnival. My favorite part was the wrecking ball because it was funny to see my friends fall, and to fall myself.”


But what’s an outdoor event without delicious food? No worries, there were plenty of free snacks to go around. Hot dogs were grilled, a large variety of chips were provided, and refreshing snow cones were made with a limit of one per person.


Even as the students exited the carnival, there was a photobooth set up for them to enjoy. They had the opportunity to take pictures in front of a backdrop to forever remember their carnival experience.


Whether you enjoyed the carnival or not, there is no doubt that it was favorable experience for most. And if you missed out on all the fun, don’t worry, there is always a chance you will be able to enjoy it next year.