The Disaster that Devastated Nepal


by Emily Jerez

Everyone has a daily routine that gets them from point A to point B. Can you imagine not being able to get to your final destination, because the earth all of sudden starts shaking the ground beneath your feet? This scary thought became a reality for the citizens of Nepal on April 25, 2015, at 11:56 am.

Nepal is a small yet largely populated country with about 28 million citizens ( living within the country’s border. Unfortunately, due to the devastating earthquake about 7,000 people have been found dead and about 400 are still missing ( The earthquake was a huge shock to all of the people in Nepal; they were not prepared to face the destruction that the earthquake caused.

Nepal survovors search for belongings within the rubble of their home.
Nepal survovors search for belongings within the rubble of their home.

Children have especially been affected by the earthquake. There have been many children left as orphans because their parents did not survive the disaster. This situation is extremely saddening because children now have no place to go; most of the orphanages in Nepal have been destroyed along with most other buildings and homes.

“I would probably cry myself to sleep every night, even though I occasionally say rude things to my family in my heart I know that my life would not be complete without them. I don’t even want to think about not having my family in my life,” Junior Alye Kesselman said when asked how she would feel if she became an orphan overnight.

Many organizations, like GlobalGiving, Operation USA, and Save the Children have been specifically created to help raise money and send volunteers for the survivors in Nepal. It is very necessary to have volunteers helping because many people have been injured or are still trapped under the rubble of buildings. ABC News reported that a 101 year old man was found under the ruins of his home. Also, many people are being found with severed legs and broken bones. There is a high demand for medical attention and volunteer search groups.

It is very important to help the people around the world especially when such devastation occurs. If you are interested in helping this cause please visit for tips on how to help Nepal safely and efficiently.