The Importance of Super Tuesday in the Delegation process

Alec Maclean 

Super Tuesday is a term for a cluster of Democratic Primaries. It occurs on the first Tuesday of every election year (this year’s was March 3) and is the one day when many hold their primaries. The day is prominent for many states, because it allows them to access the primaries at an earlier time; without having to state a law to start earlier like Iowa or South Carolina. Many states want to enter early to take part in the nomination process.


1,357 delegates are up for grabs on that Tuesday, more than one fourth of the total delegates awarded. Most candidates are focused on California, because they have the most delegates out of the fifty states. Each delegate represents a certain group of people, deciding based on their constituents’ votes. 


It is an important day, because it gives an early glimpse into the future party front runners. This day gets the most media coverage out of the whole process, and it is easily the most important day to win delegates.  


Joe Biden, a former vice president and a democratic candidate for the 2020 election, won the most delegates out of all of the candidates, with Bernie Sanders another 2020 democratic candidate coming in a close second. Candidates can use this win for a major publicity boost from the media, and come out as the clear front runner. Biden won ten out of the fourteen states gaining the majority of the delegates. But Sanders won the most important state, California. 


Kevin Tu, a Sophomore at Oakdale High. projected that Bernie Sanders would win, “because of his popularity.”


Sanders has since lost a lot of his popularity and is dropping behind Biden in the polls. After Biden’s victory on Super Tuesday, many democratic candidates have dropped out of the race.

And most of those former candidates have endorsed Biden and are trying to direct their supporters over to his campaign. But no one of current relevance in the race has endorsed sanders. 


The current nomination process is debated heavily among the political community. The delegate system has its good and bad qualities, but is it fair to the candidates? There are a certain number of delegates per state, each representing the districts of the state. Some people don’t feel represented enough in their district because of population or other factors.


Amber Ahmed, a Sophomore at Oakdale High replied, “It is as good as it is now” and felt that the process was fair to the candidates during Super Tuesday 


Super delegates were also a big factor during Super Tuesday. Super delegates are delegates who don’t have the popular vote to consider, they vote based on their opinion. These make up around one fifth of the democratic delegates. The delegation process is complicated and sometimes can be confusing. Understanding the delegate system can give a better view of the election process.