The Movement to Free Ke$ha

The Movement to Free Ke$ha

by Emily Jerez

Ke$ha’s lawsuit has been circling the news for weeks and has been bringing light to an issue occurring in the music industry for decades. Her lawsuit circles around the atrocious activity that occurred in the hands of her music producer, Dr. Luke.

Dr. Luke has worked closely with Ke$ha since she was eighteen years old. Ke$ha claims that she dropped out of high school due to Dr. Luke’s influence. Recently, she claims that Dr. Luke raped, sexually harassed, and drugged her during their partnership. Ke$ha is tired of creating successful music and letting her assaulter reap the benefits. She wants to cut all ties with him, but there is one problem: there is a contract Ke$ha has signed with Kemosabe Records (Dr. Luke’s company). A New York judge has chosen to push back Ke$ha’s lawsuit and has granted Ke$ha the choice of making music with others while the lawsuit is pending.

Oakdale Senior Nic Curtis states, “I think they should release her from the contract and let her work with someone who she is comfortable with. They should let her go!”

Since Ke$ha’s outcry, multiple celebrities have banded together to help her through this rough time. Taylor Swift has given Ke$ha $250,000 in order to help her with any financial needs. Kelly Clarkson, Lena Dunham, and Lady Gaga have shown their support through social media. Adele publicly mentioned her support towards Ke$ha during her BRIT Award acceptance speech. Just recently, Zedd and co-writer Jack Antonoff have offered to produce and help Ke$ha with new music for free.

Oakdale Senior Kymoni Smith has a strong opinion on Ke$ha’s lawsuit being postponed. Smith states, “I feel like the judges are treating Ke$ha unfairly; they should let her make her own decisions and treat her case seriously.”

Are Ke$ha’s allegations true? Or is this a plot to breach her contract?