The New Market Commons Livens Neighboring Communities


by Layla Basile

Have you ever craved a delicious and authentic meal from a restaurant but did not know where to go? Did you not want to drive all the way to Frederick because it seemed too far!? Brushing away one’s worries, the New Market Commons helps to fulfill the appetites of those in the abundant communities nearby.

Fortunately, this shopping center opened in April of 2015. Exquisite restaurants such as Pasquale’s and the Asian Bistro have accompanied this center. Also included are some unique shops like the Made You Look Salon & Spa, Verizon Wireless, Jim’s House of Music, and a dry cleaners. One can view this shopping center in New Market upon driving down Old National Pike Road, with the Shell gas station and the Food Lion grocery store proceeding down that road.

Lately, construction around this area continues. Consequently, the top of the hill seen on Old National Pike Road at the light is bare of nature. Also, when passing by the bridge to the Lake Linganore Community one may become distraught by the new bridge being implemented, expanding high above the Nightingale Lake in an intricate fashion. This is a result of the increased population size from newly constructed houses grazing the land surrounding the Nightingale Beach. In addition, even more houses will be built in between Oakdale Middle and Oakdale High School over the summer. The monumental switch from land to concrete in our communities will rapidly increase the population size, producing a higher demand on businesses in the area. The New Market Commons is expected to flourish under these conditions.

However, some may disapprove of this new shopping center, for they are in favor of saving our land. The destruction of land in its purest form is outrageous, especially since construction seems to be happening daily.

Additionally, it is important to be mindful of what is being built and where. One may believe that it would be wasteful to add more shops and restaurants to our community when Downtown Frederick is so close and already provides an ample supply of similar businesses. Activity centers such as bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, theaters, recreation centers, or the like, would be more useful to a community that lacks these type of entertainment seeking activities. Memories created at activity centers are more vibrant and unique than any other. Besides, physical activities provided at these kind of centers would provide health benefits for those in our communities.

When discussing the New Market Commons, Senior Gabriella Basile commented, “At first I thought it was unnecessary because we already have a variety of businesses all around, but now I like it; Pasquale’s (included in New Market Commons) is a good asset to our community.”

Senior Lauren Myers added, “The Asian Bistro is really good, [but] I wish they had more international foods [in this new development].”

Overall, New Market Commons is an exciting addition to many in our community – regardless of some controversy. Also, the type of businesses provided aren’t run by big corporations, which makes it more feasible to support local businesses to benefit those in our community.