The Rules That Changed The Game


The new rules created at the start of the 2018-2019 NFL season changed the game tremendously. Commissioner Roger Goodell had these rules created and implemented with the intention of improving the entertainment and safety of the NFL.

One of the new rules is that players are not allowed to lower their heads when making a tackle. The goal of creating this new rule is to get rid of the amount of concussions from head to head contact.

Teacher/assistant football coach Mr.Chuck Welch stated, “It’s like kicking a guy in the shin in soccer, it’s going to happen.”  

Richard Sherman, 49ers cornerback, exclaimed, “I could probably tackle like that if I was standing still, and got on my knees, and no one was moving, and I was tackling bags or something.”

Another new rule created this offseason is the revised catch rule.

This rule states that a completed catch is now stated as when you have control of the ball and get two feet on the ground. They created this rule after the inconsistency of what is a catch and what isn’t.

Jesse James a tight end for the Pittsburgh Steelers, last year, had thought he scored a touchdown; however, it was called back because his knee was on the ground. In the Super Bowl, Eagles tight end, Zach Ertz did the same thing as James did, however this time it was called a completed catch.

Welch stated, “That’s ridiculous, a defensive back could throw a guy out of bounds. When a player jumps up to catch a ball, according to the rule someone could pick him up and carry him out of bounds, even if he has possession of the ball.”

Jonathan Fernandez, a sophomore at OHS also expressed “It’s so stupid.They should have to have possession before called a catch”

Another new rule is the Celebration rule. This rule is just saying that you can celebrate a good play to some extent.

Welch stated, “Belittling the guy you just beat.” After you sack someone you are allowed to “dance” on them.

In High School football you get a penalty for celebrating.In college players are allowed to celebrate to some extent.


But as Welch said, “The NFL is a Mess. I have lost interest.”  


New rules created In the 2018-2019 NFL season changed the game. The goal was that the NFL becomes safer. That goal has been achieved, however, the rules created changed the style of football.